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Focus on oligonucleotide synthesis and modification, gene synthesis, antibody technology development and application

Founded in 2021, GentleGen is a company dedicated to promoting the development of life science engineering through the research and development of life science robots combined with the application of artificial intelligence in life science. 

The company has established a service platform for oligonucleotide synthesis, Sanger sequencing, gene synthesis, and protein antibody, as well as an intelligent production workshop.

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Our Products
Oligonucleotide synthesis
  • Custom DNA oligos
  • Custom RNA oligos
  • Custom probes
  • Gene mutation library
  • NGS primers
  • GMP primer
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Core advantages
  • 01.

    Self-developed primer synthesizer, automatic production process

  • 02.

    From ng to 100g grade, from technician grade to clinical grade

  • 03.

    Experienced team has synthesized more than 10 million bases

  • 04.

    Multiple tests are available, ensuring the purity and preventing cross-contamination

  • 05.

    GMP laboratory with ISO13485:2016

Guaranteed primer synthesis mutation rate <0.7‰

Provide DSL, PAGE, HPLC and other purification methods

Support primer requirements at different stages from scientific research to industry/clinical

Can assist in the declaration, assist in primer/probe performance testing and provide corresponding reports

Gene synthesis service
  • Standard gene synthesis
  • Rapid gene synthesis
  • Compliant gene synthesis
  • Plasmid preparation
  • TA cloning, PCR cloning, subcloning and site-directed mutagenesis
  • shRNA interference vector construction
* You can also download the Gene Synthesis Order Form and fill it out by email to
Core advantages

Automated production platform overall, reducing human error, higher efficiency, lower cost, more stable cycle

Team of business management and gene synthesis technology with extensive experience in the industry

Fastest delivery in the industry (less than 72h at the earliest)

Well-established codon optimization, quality tracking, machine learning, order automation platform system

Adherence to customer-centered values and team structure design

Scalable increase in capacity and stable lead times

Rigorous QC process and high quality plasmid production ability

Competitive pricing and sustainable cost-reduction production models

Antibody/protein service
  • Recombinant antibody expression and purification
  • Prokaryotic expression recombinant protein service
  • Mammalian cell expression of recombinant proteins service
Core advantages

Automated production platform

Professional and mature operational team

Well-established codon optimization, quality tracking, machine learning, order automation platform system

Rapid lead time, from gene synthesis to standard antibody delivery in just two weeks

Selection of high secretion signal peptides and independent construction of high expression vectors

Mammalian cell (CHO/HEK293) high expression system

Strict quality control, purity ≥95%, endotoxin <1 EU/mg

High throughput, 200+ clones in a single trial

Gene Editing Services
  • Lentivirus Packaging
  • CRISPR sgRNA Library Construction and Screening
  • Stable Cell Line Construction
  • Knock-out Cell Line Construction
  • Knock-In Cell Line Construction
  • Gene Point Mutation Cell Line Construction
Core advantages

A large-scale and diverse cell bank;

Multiple efficient transfection methods such as electroporation, liposomes, lentiviruses, and PB transposons systems;

One-stop gene editing service, including sgRNA design, sgRNA synthesis, cell gene editing and CRISPR off-target evaluation etc.

A strong pre-sales and after-sales service system focusing on customers, providing one-stop and customized services;

Professional and mature operational team

  • 16S、18S and ITS
    amplicon sequencing
  • Small RNA sequencing
  • Long non-coding RNA sequencing
  • Exon sequencing
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Whole genome resequencing of plants and animals
  • Eukaryotic/prokaryotic transcriptome sequencing
  • Metagenomic sequencing
    /macrotranscriptome sequencing
  • Fungal/bacterial WGS sequencing
  • Fungal/bacterial De novo sequencing
  • IVT mRNA /AAV /Lenti virus/CRISPR therapy NGS QC testing
* You can also download the NGS sample requirements Form and fill it out by email to
Core advantages

Fast turn around time, high quality, and high stability: The Illumina platform combines with the high-performance computing platform to enable fast and stable sequencing data analysis and delivery.

Rich experience in sample handling, involving tissues, cells, whole blood, serum, plasma, FFPE and other experimental samples;

Strict data quality control: strict quality control system to ensure accuracy

Self-developed genomic data analysis pipelines, providing customized BI analysis

IVT RNA Service
  • mRNA synthesis
  • Circular RNA synthesis
  • mRNA QC service
Core advantages

Variable scales from μg to mg level;

Modified or unmodified, cap or uncap RNA synthesis;

Linear or circular RNA synthesis;

Integrated production process from gene to mRNA synthesis and QC analysis;

Uniform mRNA poly(A) tail

Advanced purification and QC analysis available

Experienced supporting team

Company Advantages
Quality system design

Construction of quality system

  • Sample receiving, processing and storage system
  • Key information security measures and procedures
  • 6S standardized


  • Data storage security, fire protection and backup processing
  • Critical equipment factory acceptance test (FAT) operation verification (OQ), performance verification (PQ) field acceptance test (SAT), installation verification (IQ)

Guarantee of quality system

  • 01.Corrective and preventive measures(CAPA)

  • 02.Regular internal audits and management reviews

  • 03.System for document creation control and alternation

  • 04.Analytical tracking of quality trends

  • 05.ISO9001:2015 ISO13485 quality system

Certificate of quality system
The laboratory implements strict production standards and a comprehensive quality inspection process, focusing on chemical synthesis, biosynthesis, and molecular biology related services. We aim to win with customers & employees and become the preferred supplier for industry customers.
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